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Talsari DXpedition 2009

Just as the pleasant memories of Mandarmani DXpedition of 26th January 2009 were fading , Alokesh Gupta came up with the idea of the Christmas weekend DXpedition (25th - 27th December 2009). Suditpa Ghosh and Babul Gupta the veterans were quick to join in . Swopan Chakraborty was also very enthusiastic. Two young blood DXers in the bandwagon were Debanjan Chakraborty (first QSL in 1995) and Partha Sarathi Goswami (first QSL 1994). Partha travelled all the way from Siliguri (North East India) to join in the jamboree. We had few nail biting moments before the meet hoping for Babul Gupta's brand new ICOM R75 ordered from AES USA to arrive in time for the meet but that was not to be.

Travel to Talsari was smooth, comfortable and hassle free compared to the traumatic journey of the last DX ped. In the Toyota SUV we chatted DX from the first minute and reached Talsari some 220 km away from Kolkata on the east coast on Bay of Bengal with a breakfast stop en route . The venue was my choice because the Accacia trees next to the Orissa Tourism Guest House by the sea beach looked promising enough to be able to string long wire beverages comfortably. I was there on a scouting trip some months back but I had not carried any radio set and therefore could not check the radio signals. That is why I had kept my fingers crossed. Immediately after our late lunch at 3.00 pm we got down to stringing the antennas. In one hour we had three antennas up - two 110 m in south east and south south east direction and one 4oo m long wire in the north east direction.

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We were lucky to be able to book three rooms in this busy holiday weekend. However, we all huddled up in one room; the other room was set aside for the suitcases and beds to relax. The listening room which was set up as a shack with a row of tables lined up as listening desk with the beds in the centre of the room to relax. By 6 pm we were by our sets. Lo, who greeted us - all the 120 mb Australians 2310, 2325, 2485 kHz were already in medium strength and carried on through most of the night with just one lull period in between. Our favorite check station AFN Diego Garcia 4319 USB was booming in local quality signals. The Family radio stations from Taiwan in mw started coming in from midnight. As expected by late night at 2100 UTC we had short window of Philippines on mw when a number of them streamed in with their morning greetings chatter. Then came in the whispering PNGs. Somewhat later there were a host of Thai medium waves in the band.

Scare of antenna loss

After the first night of our DXing as we were scouting the copper wire antenna, we found that some one had tampered with it. The antenna at the far end had been taken off and was coiled and kept at the base of a tree. A gentleman from the adjacent fishing village cleared the mystry for us. Some one was trying to pilfer the wire but the villagers prevented him from doing so. How did the villagers know? While booking we had sent in an official request to be allowed to string wires for our DX pedition. That letter meant that the OTDC guest house authorities were alerted. The employees who came in from the surrounding villages also knew about this unusual group of visitors who would string wires and listen at night from the Radio. We were thankful that we had written to the authorities early. In 1984 we had lost a whole length of beverage to thieves because we had not alerted the authorities of Chandipur OTDC.

On the second day morning Alokesh tuned in to the Ham bands to receive Jose Jacob VU2JOS wishing our DXped all the best with greetings for each individual participants. There was much excitement in the room when this greetings came through. On the second night we had a disaster. A local noise, probably from the CVT in the TV set in the next room completely swamped the bands. Most of us retired early. Next day morning Partha Sarathi had to leave because he had not planned for the third day and did not have leave from his office. In the morning we set up yet another long wire – a GI wire directed South South West. A multiband dipole connected to a 75 ohms coax was also put up in the roof of the Guest House. The first success on the third day was from the dipole which pulled in Ulan Bator 12085 kHz very clear. Later in the evening after the usual Australian 120 mb stations, we could not believe our ears when we had Maldive through the South South West Antenna. It was initially mixing with AIRs on the same frequency but after AIR signed off Maldive in Divehi picked up strength reaching local quality by late night.

What did we do when we were not listening? There was lot of photo shoots – in the beach, at the shack, stringing the beverages, in the dining room and so on. The other times were spent chatting DXing hardware and software.

Back home I just got a phone call saying how he was missing the bands full of signals and there was no trace of the blaring Maldives !


- Ten Tec RX-320D SDR
- ICOM R75
- ICOM R71,
- Grundig YB400,
- SONY ICF7600,
- Degen 1102/1103/1121,
- Redsun RP2100
- RadioShack DX394


- Multiband Dipole
- 60 m Copper Beverage towards south south east (Babul Da's copper wire)
- 110 m Copper Beverage towards south east
- 400 m GI Beverage towards north east
- 110 m GI Beverage towards south south west

Attendees :

Babul Gupta, Kolkata
Sudipta Ghose, Kolkata
Dr.Supratik Sanatani, Kolkata
Swopan Chakraborty, Kolkata
Debanjan Chakraborty, Kolkata
Partha Sarathi Goswami, Siliguri
Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi

Dr. Supratik Sanatani , Kolkata, India
6th January 2010

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Header & Antenna Diagram designed by Babul Gupta

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Talsari DXpedition Dec 2009 - Logs

Freq Stn SINPO Lang Prog Details Time (UTC) Date

531 AIR JODHPUR 43434 Hindi Hindi Song 'Ek Mulakat Zaruri Hai' 1627 25-Dec-09

610 VTN HochiMin City 44333 Viet Local Language talk by YL 2132 26-Dec-09

740 VTN ?? 33333 Viet Local Language talk 2140 26-Dec-09

1251 Thai JOR SOR3 44333 Thai Talk 2155 26-Dec-09

1269 Thai Unknown 44344 Thai Thai Talk 2159 26-Dec-09


4810 AIR Bhopal 43343 Hindi Hindi Songs 1320 25-Dec-09

9850 Voice of Wilderness 33333 Korean Korean Songs 1326 25-Dec-09

9490 CRI 55544 Bengali Bengali Program // 9600 1331 25-Dec-09

5764u Unknown HAM 43444 English QRM from 5770 CNR 1338 25-Dec-09

7320 TWR 44444 Hindi Contact Detail Ann at 1344UTC 1343 25-Dec-09

9740 BBC 55545 English Interview 1351 25-Dec-09

7145 Lao National Radio 44434 English ID/Sign off at 1359 1355 25-Dec-09

7540 Denge Mezopotamya 44433 Kurd Songs & Talk in Kurdish 1645 25-Dec-09

2325 ABC Tennant Creek 44333 English Songs // 2485 1740 25-Dec-09

2850 KRE KCBS PyongYong 44444 ??? Songs // carol 1748 25-DEC-09

4319u AFRTS Diego Garcia 44444 English Baseball Commentary Relay 1330 26-Dec-09

9410 BBC 44444 English Sports News by Om 1408 26-Dec-09

9440 WYFR 44444 English Phone in Program - Open Forum 1410 26-Dec-09

9975 TWR Guam 44444 English TWR Asia Sign off after 1430 with ID 1422 26-Dec-09

9460 CRI 44444 English Listeners Letters 1438 26-Dec-09

9475 ABC - RA 43444 English ID at 1511, News from 1500 1459 26-Dec-09

9805 Radio Africa Darfur 34444 English Talk, interview, Stn ID at 1925 1920 26-Dec-09

4965 Christian Voice,ZM 34333 English Mix Lang, at 2010 ID and prog Info. 2008 26-Dec-09

9500 R. Australia 34433 English Current Affairs prog, ID at 2030UTC 2015 26-Dec-09

7280 V. O. Vietnam 44444 English English News by YL, 20:40 News headline 2038 26-Dec-2009

FM Stns logged in Talsari

RP2100 + Telescopic Ant
Band scan at 0208 UTC, 26th Dec 2009(Sat)

91.9 Friends FM, Kolkata Beng Talk by OM
92.7 Big FM, Kolkata Beng Ad of Reliance Life Insurance
93.5 Red FM, Kolkata Beng Prog Namaskar Kolkata
94.3 Radio One, Kolkata Hindi Movie Song
98.3 Radio Mirchi, Kolkata Beng Song by YL
100.2 AIR FM Gold, Kolkata Hindi Talk by YL
100.3 AIR Asansol Relay 6 kW Beng Talk by OM
102.9 AIR Baripada 5 kW Oriya Talk by OM
104.0 Fever FM, Kolkata Beng Talk by OM
104.8 Meow FM, Kolkata Hindi Song
106.4 Aamar FM, Kolkata Beng Talk by YL